Is your home ready for Travel season?

Is your home ready for Travel season?

  • Team Elite
  • 11/3/23


Is Your Home Ready for Travel Season?

Travel season is upon us! With the upcoming holidays, many of us will be headed to different towns or states to be with loved ones this fall and winter. But since you’re leaving the ultimate loved one behind (we’re talking about your home), now’s the time to ask – is your place ready for travel season?

Let’s talk about dripping faucets, timer lights and everything in between to prepare you for travel this holiday season. 

Drip Your Faucet in Cold Weather

With cold weather comes cold faucets. Unfortunately, if your property suffers damage due to a burst pipe, repair costs can average more than $10,000. Save yourself the headache and the bill this winter by dripping your faucets to prevent the pipes in your home from freezing and bursting.

According to the experts, this can happen when the weather drops to about 20 degrees Fahrenheit. While we’re hopefully a few months away from the frozen tundra of Chicagoland, it’s still good to make note of as you prepare for winter and holiday travel. If your pipes are exposed to cold air or lack insulation, keep in mind that freezing can still occur at temperatures slightly above the 20-degree mark as well! 

Invest in Timer Lights

Let’s prevent any Home Alone situations this winter by giving potential threats the idea that you’re home even when you’re not. Setting your lights around the house with timers are a cheap and effective way to signal that your home is occupied and deter any weird activity. It’s also cheaper than leaving the lights on all day long, and we love a cut-down electric bill! 

Get a Surge Protector

This time of year, homes with an overboard amount of holiday lights and decorations may be making themselves more susceptible to power surges and circuit overloads. So if you’re the Santa on the Street, let’s talk before you go plugging in a lot of lights. Whether it be Christmas cheer or a freak lightning storm, you don’t want your electronics to fall ill to power surges while you’re away. Disconnect your big electronics such as the tv and speakers, or make sure they’re plugged safely into a surge protector to avoid electrical fires and other damage. 

Make a Plan for the Mail

Holiday cards and mailer coupons and Amazon packages – oh my! This time of year is huge for mail, so don’t clue any potential burglars that you’re not home by building up a stockpile of mail and packages. Either pause your deliveries or set up a pickup schedule with a trusted friend or neighbor while you’re away. 

Don’t Leave a Spare Key Outside the Home

We love a cute turtle hiding a key as much as the next person, but the hide-a-key isn’t actually effective for keeping unwanted people out of the home. Other no-nos include hiding a key under the doormat (this is the most looked place for robbers), or under a flower pot near the front door (this is the second). Instead, leave a spare key with someone you trust who can periodically pop in, water your plants and check up on your home. 

Leave Your Home with Comfort. 

If you’re traveling this holiday season, do it with the assurance that your home will be okay while you’re gone. If you’re worried about temperatures, home monitor systems, or more tactics to keep your home cool while you’re away, there are plenty of resources and options to make sure your place is built for holiday travel this season. 

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